Yearly Calendar Process
October 22, 2023
Adam Silverman Photography calendars from 2021, 2022 and 2023.

“Are you doing a calendar this year?” Yes! As long as people are interested, there will be a wall calendar featuring your favorite images from Vermont. Here’s how it all works:

Phase one is voting on images. Phase two is ordering calendars. You don’t have to buy a calendar to vote — and you don’t have to vote on images in order to buy a calendar. Of course, the best way to enjoy the process is to do both!

Calendar voting post from November 2022 for the cover image of the 2023 Adam Silverman Photography calendar.
Calendar voting post from November 2022 for the cover image of the 2023 Adam Silverman Photography calendar.

Calendar Voting

Voting starts in the first days of November on the Adam Silverman Photography page on Facebook. There are thirteen days of votes: one for each month and one for the cover image.

Votes are calculated by the most number of “like” or “love” reactions on each image. Comments or other reactions don’t count. Shares don’t count as votes — though people are more than welcome to share the post and encourage others to vote for a certain image!

A selection of popular runner-up images are chosen for the cover image vote.

Pre-orders for the calendar open before the voting has even concluded. So Vermont scenery lovers can buy calendars even before the selection of images is finalized.

Calendar Pre-Orders

During the voting on Facebook and for a few days afterward, the online shop will be open for unlimited pre-orders. It’s the only way to be guaranteed as many calendars as you want, whether that’s one or 50.

The number of pre-orders directly determines the number of calendars that are printed. This is a small business — so it isn’t worth the risk to order more calendars than can be expected to sell. The order is for every calendar that is pre-ordered — plus an additional small amount (about 20% of the pre-order quantity) for anyone who missed the pre-order period.

Calendar Orders, Pricing, and Shipping

The pricing for the 2024 calendar has yet to be determined. Print and shipping prices go up a bit each year. A neighbor said, “You could sell this calendar for so much more than you do!” Maybe, but the goal is not to make as much money as possible — it’s to share Vermont scenic photography with anyone who wants it on their wall. So we try to keep the pricing as low as possible.

But one feature of the pricing is that pre-orders are alway less expensive. So the way to get the lowest price is to buy your calendar during the pre-order period.

After the calendar has been sent to the printer, the quantity is set — so there’s a small additional number of calendars available beyond what were pre-ordered.

Every year, there’s at least one person who says, “Do you have any calendars left? I missed them.” If you want to make sure you don’t miss out, join the email list and/or check the shop in mid November.

Calendars begin shipping out immediately after they arrive from the printer, which is typically in early December — and calendars should arrive in time for holiday gifting.

Custom Orders

If you are interested in selecting your own images for a calendar, independent of the popular vote, email Minimum order quantities will apply.