How to curate thousands of photos
April 23, 2018

How to choose the “best” out of thousands of photos? Well, start with the fact that it’s not really possible. An image can be simply pretty to one person and excitingly gorgeous to another. On Facebook or Instagram, occasionally someone will comment, “This is my favorite photo you’ve ever posted!” What makes a photo speak to someone? Who knows.

So curating galleries on this site is going to be highly subjective. There’s no way to display every good photo by Adam Silverman Photography — and it would be silly to try. That would just lead to a bloated, un-fun web site.

With that said, you can always explore the 1,000+ photos on Instagram or Facebook. If there’s a photo you’d like a print of that’s not on this web site, you can still request a print of it.

More photos will continue to be added to this site, so stay tuned! It just takes a long time to sort through all those beautiful photos.


Kristin is a “Jill of all trades” for Adam Silverman Photography — logo designer, web master, blogger, assistant photographer, photoshoot director, marketing manager, etc. Kristin has a background in copy editing and graphic design and currently operates the hat-making business Silverhill Creative Millinery.